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Red titles - distinguished guests; Green titles - students;
Blue titles - regular presentations; Orange titles - candidates for math positions at CCSU.

1 Sep 2017 R. Bilisoly
An Introduction to Board Games, Computers, and AI Flyer
8 Sep 2017 K. Saha
Comparing the Accuracy of Two Diagnostic Tests in Diagnostic Medicine Flyer
15 Sep 2017 O. Perdomo
Algebraic constant mean curvature hypersurfaces of order 3 in Euclidean spaces Flyer
22 Sep 2017 Debaraj Sen
Concordia University
Comparison Study of Accelerated Life Testing Models Flyer
29 Sep 2017 I. Gotchev
Cardinal Inequalities for Spaces with Dense Sets of Isolated Points Flyer
6 Oct 2017 Hwayeon Ryu
University of Hartford
Geometric Analysis of Synchronization in Neuronal Networks with Synaptic Coupling Delays Flyer
13 Oct 2017 Allie Ray
Trinity College
Nilpotent Metric Lie Algebras Constructed from Schreier Graphs
Canceled and rescheduled for Nov. 17th due to illness of the speaker
20 Oct 2017 G. M. Dancik
Computational tools for genomic data analysis and data science education Flyer
27 Oct 2017 F. Latour
Properties of Rational Base Representations of Positive Integers Flyer
3 Nov 2017 Craig J. Sutton
Dartmouth College
Detecting the moments of Inertia of a molecule via its rotational spectrum Flyer
10 Nov 2017
4:30-5:30 pm
Denise Rangel Tracy
Totally reflexive modules over Stanley Reisner rings Flyer
17 Nov 2017 Allie Ray
Trinity College
Nilpotent Metric Lie Algebras Constructed from Schreier Graphs Flyer
1 Dec 2017
    LD 202

Data Mining Thesis Presentation Day Flyer
10:00-10:45 am James Viscio
Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease Based on a Parsimonious Serum Autoantibody Biomarker Derived from Multivariate Feature Selection
11:00-11:45 am Rajini Prabhu
Predictive Modeling of Credit Card Default
1 Dec 2017
3:00-4:00 pm,
MS 101
James Chadic
Weierstrass Representation for Minimal Surfaces Flyer
8 Dec 2017

Seventy-Eight William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition Flyer