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Red titles - distinguished guests; Green titles - students;
Blue titles - regular presentations; Orange titles - candidates for math positions at CCSU.

25 Jan 2019

Seventy-Ninth William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition Flyer
1 Feb 2019

Seventy-Ninth William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition Flyer
8 Feb 2019 R. Bilisoly
Some Applications of Finite Group Theory Flyer
15 Feb 2019 Presidents' Holiday
No Colloquium
22 Feb 2019 O. Perdomo
Spectrum of the Laplacian for rotational CMC hypersurfaces of the sphere Flyer
1 Mar 2019 Benjamin Parker

The Pleat Pattern Approach to Origami Design Flyer
8 Mar 2019 Suhas Kodali
Synthetic Proof of Radon's Theorem Flyer
15 Mar 2019 Spring Recess

No Colloquium
22 Mar 2019 I. Gotchev
Continuity, compactness and connectedness Flyer
29 Mar 2019
MS 321
Chrissi von Renesse
Westfield State University
Exploring Rhythms and Pascal�s Triangle Flyer
5 Apr 2019 Aaron Luttman
Nuclear Weapons and Nonproliferation:
Student Research and Opportunities in the Science of National Security
12 Apr 2019 F. Gould
A Combinatoric/Geometric/Algebraic Curiosity Flyer
19 Apr 2019 Good Friday

No Colloquium
25 Apr 2019
EDB 126
Shijie Gu
County College of Morris
Compactifications of manifolds with boundary Flyer
26 Apr 2019 Shawn Falbowski
Is n a prime number? Primality testing algorithms Flyer
30 April 2019
EDB 126
Wen Feng
College of the Holy Cross
On the existence and stability of standing waves in two types of NLS equations Flyer
2 May 2019
EDB 126
Evan Dummit
Arizona State University
The Kakeya problem in algebra and analysis Flyer
3 May 2019 Viktoria Savatorova
University of Nevada Las Vegas
Homogenization of PDEs arising from modeling of physical processes in heterogeneous media Flyer
6 May 2019 Anna Ying Pun
Drexel University
An introduction to symmetric functions - a gem in Algebraic Combinatorics Flyer
10 May 2019 Lance Miller
University of Arkansas
How singular can a curve be? Flyer